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Re: JS and DataBase

On Mar 4,  3:10pm, Lance D. Braud wrote:
> Subject: Re: JS and DataBase
> Brian Karlak wrote:
> > On this point: it seems to me that JavaScripts can be hidden within a
> > since "View Source" only works for the top-level window.  Has anyone else
> > a way to view JS/HTML source within a frame?

< eighteen quintillion responses pointing out that I've missed the obvious
deleted ;) >

So, how about the converse?  Can anyone out there figure out some way to
PREVENT people from grabbing bits of JavaScript by somehow masking them when
they're in an area where "View Source" can be done?

Off my head possibilities, no thought given to them:
	1) Html is automatically targeted to a frame, won't load in main
        2) Server/CGI/whatever doesn't allow load or loads dummy page if target
            is not a frame (ie, URL is a CGI, not a static page).
        3) onLoad() calls up rest of JavaScript in another frame/window if that
           frame exists and we are calling from a (kosher) frame.
        4) ?????

My credit card number to anyone who can figure it out . . . not that'll do you
any good; I'm past my limit anyways.  :P


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