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Re: javascript Security... the official word

Olaf Walkowiak wrote:
> Hello, this is just a comment from me....
> I think publishing a page in the World Wide Web is inviting people to
> visit it. If yoou don't want that, password protect it or don't even
> publish it.

I agree, I think the whole security issue surrounding being able to 
capture peoples URL history is generally silly for two reaons:
1. It generally isn't that big of a deal, who cares if someone has 
the info. I can think of a couple of cases where it would make a 
difference but not many.
2. How stupid is Netscape for not anticipating this and providing a 
user configurable option to prevent it. All they need is an 
"Allow/Don't Allow URL History" setting.
> Me, personally, I like people visiting my pages, so everyone should feel
> free to capture my URL :-)

More than that, there is a reason some of us want to capture the URL 
history - it provide valuable data about your users. This isn't 
academic, it is financial. The more info you have about your users 
the better you can target them, reach them, spend less on 
advertising. This all adds up to a better site and better internet 
for people.
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