This page has gained so many pictures that we had to make it bandwidth friendly (rumor has it some people still have slow modems) and divide everything up into subject. So click on something and look at us.

Random stuff

These are photos from various events that didn't warrant their own categories. Feel sorry for them.

The old stuff

These are the photos that we all had laying around in our photo albums. The neet thing about this is it features a lot of retired blah members not found anywhere else here.

Let's go fly a kite!

During the month of April blah was invaded by a case of bad juju. In an effort to lift the hex we all decided to go out and buy a ton of chep kites and attempt to destroy them in the middle of the most touristy spot in d.c. It did for the most part lift t he hex.

Give strangers a camera

Wombats and chapacupras!!! Strangers take photos of blah members (and Luis shows off his new found love)

iii, jen and dave on crack

The result of this is them trying to sacrafice Jen's cat, Azrael, to the fan god

Freak day!

An anual event here at a local theme park invites all the local freaks to scare the little children. Blah takes the even to heart.

Miss Catty America 2000

Several blah girlies got together to make fun of the Miss America 2000 Pagent. Awards were given for best tiara and of course the cattiest of them all.


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