the old school

here's a look back at all the old blah photos from the beginning of blah way back before listserv became a household name until we started the whole blah page. Look here for long lost limbs of the blah family tree.

Color photos by Kristiina and black and white by Jen

Practically the entire D.C. BLAH contingient.

Sitting{l-r}Mario, Megan, Kirstin, Luis{lap}.
2nd Row{l-r}:Kristiina, Morgan{not on blah}, Jeff, Karen, Carl, Erin
Top Row{l-r}:John, Richard, Vlad, Vince

A good portion of BLAH sitting near the reflection pool.

from bottom left, clockwise: Vince, Bruce, Moose, Wuss, Carl, Voron, Mario, some chick who was here for the weekend.

Vlad and Karen sitting near the reflection pool, too cool for the rest of the group. ;)

{vlad's note: "More like too lazy, IIRC!" ;)=}

blah invaded richmond and next thing you know we realized a lot of them have periced tongues... from left: Luis, Moose, Megan, Marcy and Shireen


This page created by all those on blah, but credited to Vlad. All photos on this page by iii