Miss Catty America 2000

September 1999 the ugliest Miss America ever was crowned in Atlantic Beach. At Jen's apartment the Miss Catty America was held. Enjoy the drama of the competition as it unfolds below. :)

While Dave made all the yummy food (and boy did he make a lot of it) the cake was ALL Ukrops. The words on it say "I got your Miss America RIGHT HERE."

The first order of business was making the tiaras. They were made from pipe cleaners, "crafty glue," shiney things and Marcy even brought Marshmellows and toothpicks. Here Kirsten, Wuss, Marcy and Erin start crafting their evil tairas!

Here's a slightly better shot of Erin and Marcy making their tiaras.

Even Azrael got in on the action. Here Erin helps her adjust her Tiara. Pinky is far too shy for this kind of spotlight and preferred to be just a little lump of fur on top of the cat tower.

Erin, Wuss and Kirsten show off their "craft glued" tiaras! Like any good beauty pagent there's a secondary "Miss Congenality" prize. In our case it was the prize for the best tiara -- and that went hands down to Wuss's "shooting stars" tiara!

But who will win Miss Catty America 2000!?

Would it be Azrael -- the only actual cat to enter the competition?

Would it be Marcy with her gutsy move to use an edible tiara?

Would it be Wuss... who showed off her amazing crafty skills with her pure tiara power?

Could it be Erin, who was visiting from California, and was duped into coming with the promise that the night would be entertaining?

How about Kirsten who came in with a few extra points already for being the CEO of hell.

How about Jen with her calico hair and tiara that prolly improved the television reception.

And the winner is...

MARCY!!!!! Who just pulled the best catty remarks of the night out of her sleeve. In true blah honor she accepted her award by shutting her eyes for the photo.


This page created by all those on blah, but credited to Vlad.

Photos on this page taken by: jen and Kirsten.