Blah goes to freak day

No introduction necessary on these.

New Pictures!! Courtesy of Wuss, scanned in and adapted by The Blue Vampire
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Dave at a gas station in Richmond (looks like the one near OLoP's house).

The Blah Contingent.

And in "fuzzy mode"

We were waiting in line for the infamous bumper car event after the general meeting...
Kirsten, someguy, Luis, Owen, Dave, Jen.

Still waiting... The Blue Vampire, Mommy, Luis, Owen, Dave.

The Blue Vampire, Wuss, and Annie

The back of Mommy's head on the swingy thing (what are these things called, anyway???)

The Blue Vampire on the swingy thing.

The Blue Vampire and Moose.

This is Jeff... he managed to sum up both freak day and blah in one simple expression.

a lot of people on blah: from top left -- Owen, Marcy, Jeff, dave, Richard, Kirsten, Josh (aka Highlander, not on blah). Next row -- Wuss, Luis, Jen... and sitting on the ground -- Megan, the blue vampire, annie, Moose (he's on annie's arm) and etaK.

dave, Wuss and Kirsten demonstrate their abilities to freak.

Richard get's blurry as 200+ freaks attack the bumper cars.

an artsy fartsy shot of Luis while we were all waiting for everyone to get together for the blah picture.

Two really interesting pictures of Luis.

jen gets another rocking picture of Moose about to kill her.

Owen waiting in line for the bumper cars.

marcy waiting in line for the bumper cars. The most remarkable thing about this picture is it's the first time marcy kept her eyes open for a blah picture.


This page created by all those on blah, but credited to Vlad.

Photos on this page taken by: jen and Wuss.