attack of the bad science project

Ok we're going to try to tell this story, but don't worry if you don't get it. Only those who experienced it will beleive it (even the cat, who was there, is still skeptical about these events). It all started with an inflatable PVC mattress that jen's mo m gave her for xmas, a blowdrier that wouldn't inflate it, a very large fan, some posterboard and a little crack.

Yes it was really really weird.

Photos on this page by iii and jen (although neither will admit it).

The mattress that started it all. Orginally we were trying to inflate it with a hairdrier that didn't have a cool setting. So we ended up blowing the fuse in it and got stuck with the thought that either we had to find a new way to inflate it or let iii s leep on a partially inflated mattress.

Azrael, jen's cat, totally unaware of the fate about to befall her enjoyed hopping around on the partially inflated matress. While dave, iii, and jen sat in front of the fan trying to cool off from the hairdrier raising the room temperature.

So jen, who was delerious from the heat, thought that maybe they could take some posterboard and create a funnel. Using the pressure from the funneled air they could somehow inflate the mattress. dave and iii set to work on building the thing.

Dave shows off the finsihed product. We found out really quickly though that we could make things float on top of the fan like in those old mr. wizard episodes (beakman on the other hand would make the fan explode -- which would be cooler, but would have annoyed jen and dave's landlord extremely). We suddenly forgot about inflating the mattress. In favor of tossing things in the fan-funnel to see if we could make them float

Here jen sends a test sacrafice to the fan god. At the time the god really seemed to want lots of tin foil sacrafices.

But the three of them made the bad mistake of trying to offer the fan god some ramen. One should never ever offer any kind of god something like ramen -- they know better than to go near the stuff. As a result the god turned angry and began spitting out t hings. He demanded a sacrafice -- the cat!

So jen, obviously possessed by the fan god, grabbed her cat and prepared to sacrafice her. But at the last second the fan god seeing Azrael's annoyed expression decided against eating the cat and Azrael was returned safely back to the confortable floor - - where she remained with a bitter expression all night. As a thank you for even bothering the fan god turned back on the hairdrier meaning iii had a comfy pvc bed to sleep in.

What did you expect I told you this was a story where we were all on crack.


This page created by all those on blah, but credited to Vlad.

Photos by iii and jen