kill the kite day!

In April 1996 blah was infested with a case of the really bad juju. Bad things were happening to everyone. One day Jeff figured out the solution -- all we had to do was go fly kites on the mall... if we managed to kill each other's kites in the process al l the bad juju would be sucked up into the Washington Monument and would be gone from blah until a stronger version came along. It seemed to work temporarily.

Photos on this page taken by Jen

A nice contemplative picture of Vince's Sailor Moon kite... later this kite was used to try to firebomb the White House, but some little kid caught it before it could complete its mission.

Moose and the death rattle

Moose's reaction to oddlystrange taking a picture of him with the death rattle.

Karen and Ken getting all perky on death bubbles.

Taz and Suzi after a sucessful kite kill. This is a rare picture since this may be the first time some of the people on blah have seen Taz.


This page created by all those on blah, but credited to Vlad. Photos by Jen