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I did not build this!

though I did design it. We had this entertainment unit built by our friends father. The design is inspired by modern art and classical Japanese construction. The maple base is inset with a botan mat, the legs have decorative accents that mimic trussing overhangs, and the obvious connection with the shoji screen.

Seeing how I did not build this I will spend some time explaining the design process and some of the techniques that were employeed in building it.

First off -- the thing is HUGE. The wall it is up against is really big, I wanted something that would fit on the wall and not seen dwarfed by it. It is a 40" TV, it looks small on it. I wanted something with storage. The space under the TV is a drawer, the space opposite it is hollowed out and fits the pillows for the sofa and blankets. And it needed to be able to hold 300+ pounds for the TV, and the shelves needed to support a cat or two.