So you want to know about me...

For starters - my name is David, I am married to Jen, we live in Richmond (our house), both work full time, and are both students at the University of Richmond. We have three cats and some fish.

I am from Roanoke VA and have been in Richmond since 1994. I came here for art school and became disillusioned with my major at VCU, left my junior year for the computer industry doing tech support for Circuit City. From there I progressed to Mac hardware support, then to misc temp work, then to more tech support with MediaOne. At MediaOne/AT&T Broadband I progressed through the food chain to a software developer. I was with MediaOne/AT&T Broadband through the Comcast merger. The merger severed the entire Richmond IT Office, so I am writing medicaid software now.

I love to cook, I really love to cook... but I have to make the menu. I do not like being ordered to cook something I don't want to make. That Aspect of being a professional chef would be challenging for me. I have a little website I made that shares recipes with friends and family. I specialize in Italian, cajun, and asian cooking, but will try cooking anything at least one time. I also enjoy entertaining.

If you have questions on this -- go back to the homepage.

This is a new one for me. I started taking classes at the Koyro Martial Arts Center in April of 2004. As I progress through my training I will post some more information.

I really enjoy music, I used to dj at one of the local goth nights, I stopped when my school schedule conflicted with 'my lifestyle.' Every now and then I get to play on my Mac and create some music or remix some stuff.

If you had to apply a lifestyle to me -- this would probably be the one. I used to be really into it -- wearing all black, black hair, big stompy boots, etc. As I got older I have evolved my taste in music and clothing. I still listen to goth, industrial, EBM, synthpop, etc, but I also really like techno, trance, chill, euro-pop, and euro-rock. And I wear blue jeans and colored shirts, though most of my clothing is still black, and I refuse to wear polo shirts and khaki pants.

Apple Computer
I love my Mac, I love my wife, my wife works for Apple. I love my iPod too. If you have one I know you love it. If you don't -- you really really need one. Go - now - buy an iPod.