I wanted a new countertop for the island. It was easier then I thought. And this was another project where the right tools would have made a huge difference. It is possible to make with only a few power tools though.

The Butcher Block

The most important tools for this were the plate joiner and the hand plane. At the time I had a box plane. I upgraded to a 6" bench plane before I finished. I should have gotten a jointing plane then, but that came later.

I used a miter saw (chop saw) to cut all of the wood to the same length, designed the wood layout and marked the surfaces. I built a small jig with the spare wood and used it to assist in cutting holes for the biscuits. Glued the project together with resin based glue, then sanded and planed for a long long time. (if I had the right tools).

A quick treatment with butcher block oil (refined mineral oil) keeps it glowing and resistant to moisture.