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After getting laid off at the end of January, 2008, I started a great new job in February 2008, and have been there almost a year now. The commute is short (30-ish minutes), the workday is short (7.5 hours), and I having a lot of fun and learning a lot.

These days I'm doing a lot more development than design, and grudgingly becoming a bit of a Java Developer.


From June 2001 to September 2005, Richard, Peter and I had our own company, PKR Internet. We worked on two sites for Morgan Stanley SICAV, starting with the launch of the English broker site on March 6th, 2000. We went live with their English public site on May 25, 2000.

In the summer of 2000, we began internationalization work on these two sites. We launched the Italian version on February 9th, 2001, the German version on September 6, 2001, and the Spanish version on February 11, 2002.

Then, In April 2002, we began a huge redesign project, mandated by the powers that be at Morgan Stanley, and set out in an 85-page style guide. We launched the English version on August 29, 2002, the German version on January 22, 2003, and the Spanish and Italian versions on January 23, 2004.

In September 2005, I resigned as a Partner at PKR and left the company to pursue other opportunities... After 6 years working on the same project, I thought it was time for a change ;) I did continue to do some work for them until the company was sold and disbanded in 2008.


Bluemoonlight Productions - The name under which I do all my freelance work. Go check it out for the latest list of what I've done.

BlueVampireLand - My personal site, with stuff about the latest athletic events I've participated in, my social life, artwork, DJing, and such.