Pink Cog

Update - 2009-01-25

I wrote this in July, but the thunderstorm can be replaced by any kind of powerful weather.

joy is... driving home in the tail end of a thunderstorm, huge drops pelting onto the windshield. sunroof and windows open, driving just fast enough so the water doesn't come in. coming out of the speakers, nice and loud, operation ivy.

the rest of the words in this song aren't so apt, but these lines right here, they say it all:

But sometimes every once in a while
Its beautiful I would say,
I wouldn't have it any other way
If I said different it would be a lie

as i speed down the road i wonder - can you keep up with me? will you try?


I am no longer a DJ. It took me a while to get there, but it was time for me to retire... I may start doing guest spots here and there, but for now... I have lots of time for other things!