Pink Cog

Kensey aka The Little Widget

A few months after I moved into my new house, I started thinking about getting a second dog again. Dudley was alone more again, and might want a playmate! Plus, I was feeling the need to give something back to the world, especially in light of recent highly publicized animal cruelty cases. And, now that I live in DC, I saw what a bad rep pit bulls got, and that 90% of the animals in the DC shelter were pit bulls. So I started looking into fostering, and suddenly there was Kensey. She came into my home in June 2011 at the age of 16 months, having been surrendered at the age of 8 months and spent 8 months in "the system".

She's adorable, she and The Dude get along famously and play together beautifully and all the time. She's a chewer (notable victims include the fabric that covered my couch, my TV remote, my ceiling fan remote, my sheets, and a 5 inch deep / 5 inch diameter hole in my mattress). But I lurves her. She's a cuddler, adopted my boyfriend on sight, and is pitifully, endearingly terrified of thunderstorms.