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Athletic Events

2009 Racing - I give up

All I care about now is riding.

2008 Racing - More failure

I finally got on my downhill bike again (it had been way too long), spent three Sundays of quality time at the Shed, and then ended up on crutches with one badly sprained ankle and one badly healed ankle. No exercise since Thanksgiving :(

2007 Racing - *sob*

I was all on track to race in the fall - I was biking a bunch, and officially back in expert racing shape. But then I had a rather spectacular crash, in which I injured my back. No athletic activity for four months. I did start biking again in October, but there was too much catching up to do, and then other events intervened.

2006 Racing - *crickets*

There was a lot of other stuff going on... Biking, but not enough.

2005 Racing - Uh...

I bailed on the Bike Doctor - they're too far away, and I know enough wrench-wielders at this point that I don't need them for maintenance anymore. I did some soul-searching about whether I want to race XC, DH, or both, how competitively I want to race, and how often, but came to no conclusions. It was a very busy year, and I had barely any time to ride, much less race. The goal: get ass in shape for 2006.

I did, however, participate for the second time in the annual Whistler extravaganza, did great considering how little riding I've managed to do, but came home with massive blisters on my hands that were severely lacking in callouses.

2004 Racing - A Little Bit of Everything

In 2004 I raced cross country in the Expert Women 30-34 category and downhill in the Amateur/Sport Women category. As of June 12, I was ranked 14th nationally in the NORBA series!!! Here are my race results:

Race Name Date Type Location Place Time Distance
Greenbrier Challenge 2004.03.21 XC Greenbrier State Park, MD 6th 2:19:44 17 miles
Massanutten Yee-Ha 2004.05.08 DH Massanutten Ski Resort, VA 1st 0:07:51 1.5 miles
Return to Quantico 2004.05.16 XC Quantico Marine Base, VA 3rd 2:51:11 24 miles
US Open of Mountain Biking 2004.05.29
DH Mountain Creek, NJ 8th 0:06:19 2 miles?
NORBA Nationals #4 2004.06.12 XC Snowshoe, WV 3rd 3:02:57 19.5 miles
Shred the Shed 2004.08.28 DH Frederick, MD 9th 0:06:04 2 miles?
Global Masters 2004.09.04 XC Bromont, QC, Canada ?? ?? ??

2003 Racing - Atlantic Mountain Bike Series

In 2003, I started racing mountain bikes in the Sport Women category. I've done a whole bunch of upgrades to my trusty Gary Fisher Mt Tam, and she's pretty speedy, if I may say so myself.

In 2004, I'll be moving up to the Expert category and purchasing a team-discounted Cannondale bike, lighter and faster than the Mt Tam... Along with a new road bike, to replace the circa 1987 Peugeot touring bike I've been tooling around on.

Here's my standings:

Fall 2003

Race # Location Place Time Distance
1 Susquehanna State Park 4th 1:39:15 12 miles
3 Greenbrier State Park 4th 2:01:45 14 miles
4 Quantico Marine Base 4th 2:02:28 15 miles
5 Walnut Creek State Park 2nd 1:38:20 12 miles
6 Poor Farm 3rd 1:28:15 13 miles
7 Camp Hilbert 4th 1:23:21 12.5 miles
8 McKeldin 3rd 2:00:24 18 miles

Spring 2003

Race # Location Place Time Distance
1 Poor Farm 5th 1:14:03 9 miles
2 Camp Hilbert 5th 1:32:52 13.6 miles
3 Walnut Creek State Park 6th 1:48:20 12 miles
4 Greenbrier State Park 5th 2:16:26 14 miles
5 Lodi Farm 2nd 2:21:33 11.5 miles
6 Camp Hilbert 6th 1:44:56 13 miles
7 Susquehanna State Park 4th 1:53:45 12 miles
8 McKeldin 9th 2:14:43 14 miles

2003 Virginia Series - 2nd place
2003 Maryland Series - 2nd place
Fall 2003 Series - 3rd place
Spring 2003 Series - 4th place

Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women Video, June 2003

Found out about this through Courtney, and applied to participate. It turned out they already had enough people, but then someone cancelled, so there I was! We met for two days at Lake Fairfax Park, and did demos of turning, obstacle-hopping, riding up hills, riding down hills, weight balancing, etc. The star of the video is Susan Haywood, it was really cool meeting her, plus a source of inspiration in my fledgling racing career.

Wednesdays at Wakefield 2002

I only got around to doing one of the races in this series last year, on July 24th, but ended up getting 3rd place in the Sport Women category. The race consisted of 3 laps on a ~1.5 mile loop.

VentureQuest 2001

Did my second triathlon/adventure race on September 29th; this one was called Venture Quest and was comprised of 2 miles running, 7 miles road biking, 8 miles mountain biking, 2 miles running, 5 miles canoeing, and another 5 miles running. Completed the whole thing in 7 hours and 15 minutes... This was yet another bit of proof that my bike rocks - not a single problem with it since I got it, other than a couple of flats. Still working on a name for her, though...

DC AIDS Ride 2001

A heartfelt "Thank You" to all of you out there who have given me and the AIDS Ride your hard-earned money, it is appreciated more than you can imagine. You all rock. Another heartfelt "Thank You" to everyone who has encouraged me along the way, supporting me in my moments of panic and doubt. Sometimes you have more faith in me than I do in myself, and your morale boosts were much appreciated.

Total Pledges: $2640.46 - I EXCEEDED MY MINIMUM!!!

The Dominator Adventure Race

On Sunday, September 17, 2000, I completed my first triathlon. It wasn't your standard format, but an "adventure race" - 7.5 miles mountain biking, 4 miles running, and 1.25 miles canoeing. Participants competed in three-person teams - it was me, my coworker Karen's husband Reed Hoofnagle, and his coworker Chuck Kim.