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Windows and Imagemaps

Since it appears my first message was lost I'm sending this again.
Sorry if it gets repeated...

I was wondering if there is a way within a map file for an imagemap if
it is possible to call js code to open a new window or target the html
to a specific frame.  I know that I can do this with the TARGET tag in
the body of the new doc, but what if this goes to a different site that
I have no control over?

Thanks for the bandwidth,

  Phil Williams, Ph.D.
  Research Instructor                   
  Children's Hospital Medical Center    "One man gathers what
  Imaging Research Center                   another man spills..."
  3333 Burnet Ave.                             -The Grateful Dead
  Cincinnati, OH 45229
  email: williams@irc.chmcc.org
  URL: http://www.irc.chmcc.org/~williams/
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