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Re: Windows and Imagemaps

You can readily do this with client-side imagemap.  I have an example of
clicking in one frame and having it affect the content of another frame,
without using TARGET (which is a perfectly good method for some
applications).  I use setting the background color of the second frame for
the example, but of couse you could change the URL of the frame with the
location object, or do most anything else with it.

The example is at http://gmccomb.com/javascript/color_palette.html.

-- Gordon

At 08:48 AM 3/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Since it appears my first message was lost I'm sending this again.
>Sorry if it gets repeated...
>I was wondering if there is a way within a map file for an imagemap if
>it is possible to call js code to open a new window or target the html
>to a specific frame.  I know that I can do this with the TARGET tag in
>the body of the new doc, but what if this goes to a different site that
>I have no control over?
>Thanks for the bandwidth,
-- Gordon

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