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Re: JavaScript Digest V001 #88

>From: Michael Arena <arena@lightbridge.com>
>Is it possible to modify the toolbar?
Yes, but not very extensively.  You have the same options available to you 
that you do when setting up NS (directory buttons, etc).

>Is it possible to change the menu shown when right-clicking the mouse?
>Can you even do this in Java?
Not that I know of (but I only know ->.<- much Java, so...
>Do you have to become a Netscape development partner to get access to these
>kind of internal features?
I doubt you could do it even then.  You could, however (if you're into 
pain), deveolp your own plug-in to recognize filetypes of *.arena and have 
it do whatever you're wanting.

>From: Matt Greenwood <matt@shire.math.columbia.edu>
>Is there anyway I can trap this event, so that I can, say, reload a
>different URL when the user clicks on a frame?
Somebody flame me if I'm wrong here, but No, not with JavaScript.  Java, 

>From: ernie_oporto@MENTORG.COM (Ernie Oporto)
>I would like to create a button that prints the contents of a specific
>frame only.  Is there a Javascript function I can call, and pass the
>name of the frame so that only that gets printed?
Direct hardware control like that is not allowed in JavaScript, but what 
you can do is this:
Have the browser pop up the new URL in a window all its own and send an 
alert window to the user saying "Please click your 'print' button now."

>From: ernie_oporto@MENTORG.COM (Ernie Oporto)
>I have a scrolling text javascript running on my web page,
>How do I get rid of it for good?
That's one of the main problems/complaints with Marquees, they just keep 
going and going and going...  Onw way would be to have a checkbox 
(somewhere) on the page that disables the scrolling text and returns them 
to some default position.  Or just have the Marquee only scroll a (small) 
finite number of times.  It could also be a problem with the algorithm you 
are using to scroll the marquee.

Well, that's more than two cents worth, but I hope someone gained 

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