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Re: Lengthy Javascript message...

On Mar 20,  3:09pm, Frank Hecker wrote:
> Subject: Re: Lengthy Javascript message...
> Ernie Oporto wrote:
> > I have a scrolling text javascript running on my web page, but if I
> > let it run for quite some time, I get a very annoying message that
> > says "Lengthy Javascript Still Running.  Continue?"  There is no
> > that we will be able to tolerate using a real app if that message
> > going to keep coming up.
> >
> > How do I get rid of it for good?
> You can't as far as I know (at least for now).  As I understand it,
> is a feature put in to prevent JavaScript scripts from going into
> infinite loops and silently chewing up CPU time on your system.  I
> the message comes up after 1,000,000 continuous operations in the
> JavaScript run-time system.
> I guess my question is: other than text scrolling in JavaScript
> many people deprecate anyway), are there any real-life JavaScript
> applications for which this restriction would really be a problem?  I
> don't make decisions about this sort of thing, but I'd be glad to
> provide input to our marketing folks if there's widespread support
> removing or relaxing this restriction.
> Frank

I'm currently working on a helpdesk app in Javascript, which is
actually coming along very nicely (which is why you see so many
questions from me on this list as of late).  One of the things we were
looking at putting in was updating a frame every so many
seconds/minutes, which would have help tickets in it.  Since the loop
brings up that message, it looks like we'll have to use server-push to
update the frame.

I would definitely like to see one of those "Do Not Bother Me Again
With this Message" buttons, just like on the "this is an insecure
transaction" message.  I can definitely see the need for both of these
things when working on the internet, but within a corporate network, I
don't think it's necessary.


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