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Re: Lengthy Javascript message...

Ernie Oporto wrote:
> I have a scrolling text javascript running on my web page, but if I
> let it run for quite some time, I get a very annoying message that
> says "Lengthy Javascript Still Running.  Continue?"  There is no way
> that we will be able to tolerate using a real app if that message is
> going to keep coming up.
> How do I get rid of it for good?

You can't as far as I know (at least for now).  As I understand it, this 
is a feature put in to prevent JavaScript scripts from going into 
infinite loops and silently chewing up CPU time on your system.  I think 
the message comes up after 1,000,000 continuous operations in the 
JavaScript run-time system.

I guess my question is: other than text scrolling in JavaScript (which 
many people deprecate anyway), are there any real-life JavaScript 
applications for which this restriction would really be a problem?  I 
don't make decisions about this sort of thing, but I'd be glad to 
provide input to our marketing folks if there's widespread support for 
removing or relaxing this restriction.


Frank Hecker          Pre-sales tech support, Netscape Federal sales
hecker@netscape.com   http://home.netscape.com/people/hecker/

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