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Re: 2 Questions

On: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 14:40:18

PoDzPaGe@aol.com wrote:

>1st Question: How can i make Javascript look in a textbox & if all there is
>in that box is "test" it will clear the textbox? but if there is more than
>just "test" in that box it will ok it.
>2nd Question: Right now i have it so it shows 2 frames if they are using
>Netscape, and if they are not using Netscape it shows them a link of where to
>get it etc. what i want to do is this:  load a new window with diffrent
>settings if they have netscape & leave it alone if they dont.
>          Thanks.....

I'm not sure about the first, but on the second question...I used to have
Netscape go to another page using:


I would put it right before the body.  The 6 part is the time to wait.  You
could put 1,2,3...
It automatically loads the new URL after it counts down.

This is not a JavaScript answer but I hope it helps.

Michael A. Romig

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