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Re: 2 Questions

 PoDzPaGe@aol.com wrote:

 >1st Question: How can i make Javascript look in a textbox & if all there is 
>in that box is "test" it will clear the textbox? but if there is more than 
>just "test" in that box it will ok it.

Not knowing exactly how you want to do this I will give a generic 
answer for a single input TYPE="text" form describing the form before 
the function (normally reverse order) for clarity:

<FORM NAME="test_form">
   <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="test_input" SIZE=40>

function checkForTest(){
   if(test_form.test_input.value == "test"){
      test_form.test_input.value = "";
   } else {

The 'else' code above assumes you have a function to process
acceptable input, otherwise remove the 'else' code.

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