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Re: Launching a Plug-In

The general (easiest?, only?) way to "launch" a plug-in is to use JavaScript
to write the <EMBED> tag for the plug-in. This can be done when the document
first loads, or if you have frames, it can be done at any time.  For
example, I have a little script that "announces" the day using the ToolVox
plug-in (okay, so it's stupid, but at least it shows the basic idea!)  The
script loads with the document, and plays as the rest of the document is
coming across.

<TITLE>A Diufferent Sound Each Day!</TITLE>
<!--From JavaScript Sourcebook -->
now = new Date();
Today = now.getDay();
if (Today == 0) Soundfile = "sunday.vox";
if (Today == 1) Soundfile = "monday.vox";
if (Today == 2) Soundfile = "tuesday.vox";
if (Today == 3) Soundfile = "wednesday.vox";
if (Today == 4) Soundfile = "thursday.vox";
if (Today == 5) Soundfile = "friday.vox";
if (Today == 6) Soundfile = "saturday.vox";
Text += '<EMBED SRC="' + Soundfile + ' " PLAYMODE="auto"'
Text += ' VISUALMODE="embed" height=82 width=160>'
document.write (Text);

-- Gordon

At 01:55 PM 3/14/96 PST, you wrote:
>     Anyone know if it's possible to launch a Netscape plug-in from 
>JavaScript and if so, what the syntax might  be?  Thanks so much for any 
-- Gordon

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