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REPOST: my Tic Tac Toe game

Hello all

I tried to post this before, sorry for the wasted bandwidth.  I have a 
JavaScript/forms tic tac toe gameta i wrote to teach myself html.  it 
has been reported that it does not work on win 3.1 -- i do not know why.

So please check out my site at http://hero.com/summer/ttt.html
and mail me suggestions and bug reports at mailto:slb2@axe.humboldt.edu

I would like to make it graphical. does anyone have suggestions on how 
to do this.  I need to write the document with clickable graphics that 
result in calls to javascript.  i have a test version but it crashes and 
does not work.  i would prefer to stay within my window, as opposed to 
multiframe documents, but it is not working.  i have a function called 
WriteTicTacToe( the_string ).  the string is nine X's O's and spaces 
that determines the board.  the function gennerates one long string, 
piecemeal, and calls document.write.  it creates new clickable images 
each time, so are the old links overwritten, ignored, or cast into 
netscape heap-void, forever lost?  also, my images do not draw.  i get 
lost icons even though the names are correct.  the graphic version is 
not available, but i will post it if there is interest. ( i hope there 
is :)

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