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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

> Ed Kloskowski wrote:
> > 
> > I also do an INTRAnet site, with the same worrting about what software
> > everyone is using.  However, the caching problem is real.
> Unfortunatly deleting the caches doesn't even do the job 100% of 
> the time. I have modified code and deleted both caches four 
> times and sometimes I still get the first or second version of 
> the code being executed even though view source shows the 
> current code. 
> I personally consider this a giant bug in JS since it serious 
> impedes the development effort and greatly reduces my over 
> confidence in Netscape, Navigator, and JS.

The cache bug has been around at least since 1.1. It's Netscape 
related in general, not JavaScript specific. In 1.1 versions it was 
so bad that I would almost always get an old version of my page after 
uploading the new one to the server. (both 16 and 32 bit Windozs) I 
haven't tried X11 yet.

The only fix I know that works for sure is to delete every file in the 
cache directory. Don't let Netscape do it since it leaves the .fat 
file (for Intel). I created a shortcut on my desktop and start menu 
bar to a  DOS batch file (yeh I know...tacky) that deletes all the 
files in the cache directory. Works every time.


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