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Re: Caching and JS - Bug?

Yeah, the book is me.  

When you say "cache" I take it you mean Netscape's.  Is the cache in the
user's machine set any different that the shipping default (that's what I have).

I have several things out in the public, and the server hits suggest a not
insignificant number of folks have at least viewed the page -- though we're
talking hundreds not thousands at this point.  So far no reports of this
particular problem.  Maybe I should find some wood and knock on it! (Just
plastic and metal around me right now.)

I'm not an expert in how Netscape compares cached items, but I do know that
Netscape will often go back to the old version if there hasn't been enough
time between the old version in the cache and the new version (usually under
a minute).  I wonder if there is a minimum difference in time between the
"last modified" date sent with the file and the date kept in the cache.
When you do an about:cache it lists the items down to the second, but
Netscape may not be all that pickey.  I also wonder if diferent servers can
affect the cache because of the way they provide last modified data.  What
kind of server is used on your intranet?  Mine is your basic Unix box,
running Apache.

-- Gordon

>Gordon, your not seeing the prob often would be consistent with my 
>experiance.  I never saw the probelm until I started to release my stuff 
>to the general internal public.  Then it all busted wide open!! I took 
>very many painfully long nights (read mornings) to relize it was the 
>cache, and also to relize I never saw it happen on ONE single 
>developement machine (or at least not often enough to notice)
>Sorry I started a controversy
>P.S. how is the book coming? that is yo isn't it?

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