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Hi, I am Lem.
I have a problem - well, OK many problems, but only one that this
mailng deals with <g>

OK, here's what up.

Has anyone used the "click()" method, NOT onCLick, but the method (as
it is listed in the docs) for buttons, radios, and checkBoxes??  I
have been playing around as I read through the docs and this is one
thing I cannot seem to get to function at all.  If someone out there
has used these and got them to work I'd like to hear how.

I keep getting errors like "button1 is not defined" if I use
Button1.click() to reference a button created on the same page.  If I
change it to window.Button1.click() I get "button1 has no properties".
I added a NAME="xx" to the form tag and if I reference it (try to) by
form1.Button1.click() I get the "Button1 has no properties" error.

Anyone explain the 'no properties' error, or tell me how to (or how
they) got it to work.

Am under the 95 platform if that matters.

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