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Re: Grouping input from multiple frames

I have a similar question. If a user clicks on a url, I'd like to download
html that fills a particular window *and* that triggers javascript to take
actions in selected other windows. In addition, I'd like to see if it is
possible to download info into a frame, with that info being kept in
background as data accessible for building other pages via javascripts. I'm
having a particularly difficult time figuring out how to download data into
arrays that remain accessible for scripted actions. In fact, just
understanding how to do two diminsional arrays would be a big start. Long
on ideas, short on technique!

At 5:15 PM 3/13/96, Glen Popick wrote:
>Hello all,
>I am trying to write a page w/ multiple frames, in which two of the
>frames are input frames, and the combination of the input is
>used to build the third frame.
>Does anyone have any examples of this?  I looked at the form example
>that Gordon did (which is cool).
>I am thinking of adding hidden objects to one of the frames, and
>filling them in from the other input frame.
>Any other ideas?

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