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Re: Grouping input from multiple frames

If I understand you correctly, you want to provide input in two frames, and
use that to build the content of the third frame.  That's done by writing
the whole document for the third frame "on-the-fly." You can set up a blank
window for the third frame with about:blank in the SRC= of the frameset
document, or use an empty file, or whatever content you want to show there.
You then write to that frame with document.write, using the syntax (I'm
calling the third frame "frame3"):

Result = "<HTML><BODY>blah blah blah</BODY></HTML>";
parent.frame3.document,.write (Result);

Of course, you'll probably need to build a pretty long string. You can do
that with the old concatenation trick:

Result = "start of string ";
Result += "more of the string ";
Result += "and even more"

I have an example of a perpetual calendar at my site that generates the
content of the second frame.  It was the first JavaScript program I wrote,
and it has some "long way around" code, but the output stuff should still be
valid (I've since rewritten the calendar, but haven't had a chance to upload
it yet).  You might look at that to see if it gives you any ideas.   (My
background selector uses a similar technique, too, but its size makes it a
little harder to piece out.)

I hope I understood your request. 

-- Gordon

At 05:15 PM 3/13/96 EST, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I am trying to write a page w/ multiple frames, in which two of the
>frames are input frames, and the combination of the input is
>used to build the third frame.
>Does anyone have any examples of this?  I looked at the form example
>that Gordon did (which is cool).
>I am thinking of adding hidden objects to one of the frames, and
>filling them in from the other input frame.
>Any other ideas?
-- Gordon

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