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Re: document.location problem

Brendan Eich is JavaScript's "daddy."  He pretty much developed JavaScript
all on his lonesome.  Of course, he's had some input from luminaries like
Bill Joy as Sun, but I think he did all the internal coding.  If anybody
knows the ugly insides of JavaScript, it's Brendan.

I think Brendan "discouraged" it because it was unnecessary code.  He's a
minimalist coder (you have to be for commercial products), but I'm not sure
how *dangerous* assign is. 

-- Gordon

At 10:12 AM 3/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Regarding to assign() or not to assign(), I did not catch a reference
>by Mr. Eich about it; more to the point, I guess, I do not know
>the name. Regardless, I would not have recommended using assign 
>had I known Netscape (assume Eich=Netscape) discouraged it.
>Who is he? Is he among us? ... if we build a really nice script, will
>he come? :)
-- Gordon

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