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Re: document.location problem

>Regarding to assign() or not to assign(), I did not catch a reference
>by Mr. Eich about it; more to the point, I guess, I do not know
>the name. Regardless, I would not have recommended using assign 
>had I known Netscape (assume Eich=Netscape) discouraged it.
>Who is he? Is he among us? ... if we build a really nice script, will
>he come? :)

Sorry for the 'left field' reference.  Brendan Eich (A.K.A 'The MAN') is THE
guy writing the JavaScript language.  He doesn't patrol this list (I don't
think), but you will see him from time to time on comp.lang.javascript and
he ALWAYS has the official words.  I've been saving his posts and have used
most of them for the FAQ.

If you filter the comp.lang.javascript newsgroup for his name, you'll come
up with some interesting comments. <g>

-Andy Augustine

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