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Re: Upload Charge

Doug Evans wrote:
> Ray Daly said...
> > Another almost great alternative is Concentric Network (concentric.net).
> > $7.98 per month, 5 MB of storage and they support the Netscape 2.0 file upload
> > feature.  Only drawbacks are no personal perl scripts and sometime slow server
> > response.
> Webcom.com is the best...
> Here is what they offer, for 10.00 bucks a month (personal account).

Since we're bragging on cheap services... Tyrell gives you 20MEGS of disk 
space for $10.  You can run CGI and Java.  But don't expect any customer 
support or to get billed for 4 months 'cause they are a bit unorganized.  You 
can try and reach them at 1-800-tyrell-1 (if you're lucky they may even 
answer the phone! :) ).

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