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Re: Upload Charge

Ray Daly said...

> Another almost great alternative is Concentric Network (concentric.net).  
> $7.98 per month, 5 MB of storage and they support the Netscape 2.0 file upload 
> feature.  Only drawbacks are no personal perl scripts and sometime slow server 
> response.

Webcom.com is the best...

Here is what they offer, for 10.00 bucks a month (personal account).

5 Megabytes of online disk storage for your Web pages and other files
(10MB for
     Corporate accounts) (or use additional storage at nominal rates).
     200 Megabytes of network traffic (400MB for Corporate accounts).
     Very few accounts exceed this quota and over-quota traffic is
     billed at very nominal rates. The option to register your own
     domain name (allows people to access your Web pages with the URL
     http://www.yourcompany.com/yourwebcomuserid, instead of
     http://www.webcom.com/yourwebcomuserid). (Coming soon - virtual
     hosting - your URL is simply http://www.yourcompany.com/). A Site
     Activity Report (periodically emailed to you, provides you with
     information about how many people are accessing which of your Web
     pages, etc.) The ability to easily use extended WWW server
     functionality such as: 
          Fill-out forms (information request forms, guestbooks,
          feedback forms, surveys) Secure, encrypted Web transactions
          - collect credit card or other sensitive information in
          complete privacy Clickable image maps (a graphic which loads
          different pages based upon where on the image the user
          clicks). Access Authorization (The ability to password
          protect Web pages). Full-text searching (Allow visitors to
          your site to quickly find the information they're seeking by
          searching for keywords). 
     A personal, integrated access log listing all FTP and WWW
     accesses to your site, updated in real-time. Mail forwarding (Any
     email mailed to your userid@webcom.com address is instantly
     forwarded to you at your primary email address. Free Technical
     support (via email for personal accounts via email and/or
     telephone for commercial accounts). Comprehensive guides for
     getting your site cross indexed on other major indexing services
     throughout the Internet. Spend one hour with our publication
     guide and anybody with an interest in the subject matter of your
     page should be able to readily locate your page without knowing
     your URL. Comprehensive online help and tutorials for learning
     HTML and creating a successful World Wide Web site. 

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