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Re: Upload Charge

>You have a crappy Web provider (but maybe you know that already! <g>).  Mine
>charges a flat $50 a month for unmetered access, from anywhere in the world
>(it would be less, but I have a virtual domain and some extra goodies).
>With the competition among Web providers there is absolutelty no reason for
>tyhis kind of nickel and dime greed.
>As a cheap alternative, for $10 a month you get unmetered pages on AOL and
>CompuServe.  AOL gives you two megabytes and CIS gives you one megabyte. I
>recommend AOL of the two.

Another almost great alternative is Concentric Network (concentric.net).  
$7.98 per month, 5 MB of storage and they support the Netscape 2.0 file upload 
feature.  Only drawbacks are no personal perl scripts and sometime slow server 

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