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Re: Where to send people fo

        Reply to:   RE>>Where to send people for differences between
JavaScript ...

Gordon's description of Java and JavaScript are clear and accurate, but I'd
like to add my two cents worth as well.  

I'm involved in developing a web based application for "intranet" usage (i.e.
it will be used by a known audience in a controlled environment).   We made
the (insane?) leap to use Netscape 2.0 making heavy use of both Java and
JavaScript for the user interface "engine".  We've found that Java and
JavaScript are very complimentary, and each increases the power of the other
rather than being exclusive.  Java applets are very useful for doing dynamic
interactive screens, but each screen lives in it's own universe with no
communication Java applets. That's where JavaScript is starting to play a
major role. In allowing individual Java applets to talk to each other through
JS functions and variables, the power of the Web as a true application
presentation environment is dramatically increased.  

Now... if they'd only get it all working!! ;)


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