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Re: What's New

Could you post some basic code that shows doing this?  I'm sure everyone
would like to see it.  I take it the method doesn't use cookies (that would
be *too* easy! <g>).

-- Gordon

At 02:27 AM 3/8/96 -0800, you wrote:

>was walking back from applying for a job at one of the famous bagel 
>factories here in montreal, when it occurred to me ... duh. as soon as i 
>send off the surfer to an external site (to be displayed within one of my 
>page's frames) store the sending page's URL in a variable, and use it in 
>my "return" button. it's amazing that simple solutions don't occur to 
>oneself when one's thinking in terms of complicated things. or something 
>like that. similarly, an array can be initialized to an open-ended size 
>and values of the subsequent URLs visited can be stored in it. it's the 
>perfect work-around to not being able to read the history values, at 
>least when the external pages are displayed within a local set of frames.
>hitting his head against the wall

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