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Re: What's New

Gordon McComb wrote:
> Could you post some basic code that shows doing this?  I'm sure everyone
> would like to see it.  I take it the method doesn't use cookies (that would
> be *too* easy! <g>).

y'know, i prefaced the message you were replying to with a story about 
walking back from a bagel store and it never occured to me to use 
*cookies*. grrr.

in any case, the idea was that you would store the URL of a local page in 
a variable in the header frame, and then use it to send the user back to 
the the last local page accessed if the user wanders off to an outside 

now, i've implemented it using cookies. unfortunately, it isn't working. 
i'm using the standard GetCookie and SetCookie functions available 
everywhere, but i just can't get the cookie to set properly (no pun 
intended). basically, i've named the cookie "return", the value to be 
stored as parent.right.location.href, but 1. i don't see a cookie entry 
in my cookies.txt once the user leaves the local site 2. i get a URL not 
found on this server.

if some kind souls can hop on over to the site in question and figure out 
what's wrong, i'd appreciate it. i may even consider fathering your 
children, "may" being the operative word.

the site is at http://www.odyssee.net/~apathy/showcase/testbed.html . 
simply click on the hyperlink in the bottom right hand frame that brags 
about how many people have visited my public site. then hit the return 
graphic that appears in the header frame. that should give you the error 
message as outlined in point 2 above. the script for setting the cookie 
may be found in intro.html, the first page that appears in the bottom 
right hand frame. the script for getting the cookie appears in 
header1.html, which is the file with the return graphic.

muchas gracias.

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