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Re: A way to store functions?

On Mar 9, 12:43am, Konrad Kim wrote:
> Subject: A way to store functions?
> Is it possible to store functions at the parent frameset and have those
> functions accessible from other child nested framesets? What is the syntax
> for this as the JS netscape docs don't reveal this.

Sure - store the functions of methods of a top level object as follows:

function whatever() {
	alert("Your mamma's so fat . . .");

function initFunctions() {
	top.whatever = whatever;


You should then be able to call the stored function with top.whatever().

CAVEAT - I was using this method when I first started my project, storing all
functions as methods of the frames they were supposed to operate on.  I soon
abandoned it, though, since the stored methods were very unstable . . . window
resizes, etc. would wipe out my methods and cause tons of "showResults:
function not defined" error messages.  Not really something I wanted my users

Things seem much more stable when I define all my functions within the frames
they are called in.  Haven't inadvertantly lost one that way yet . . .


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