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Bringing a window to the front

Hi y'all -

Some of my users are experiencing a problem when they access my site.  At
times, I'll pop up a new window for entering complex search parameters since
this form doesn't fit nicely in the frames that divvy up my main window.  To
open the new window, I'm just using window.open() and location.href=.

The problem occurs if the user doesn't put this window away after use by
clicking on my "done" or "cancel" buttons.  If they instead bring the main
Netscape window to the fore again, the query submission window becomes hidden
behind the main window - especially if they're using a PC/Mac with a small
monitor.  When the user clicks the button to bring up the query window again,
nothing seems to happen because the window is already open; it's just hidden
behind another window.

My question is: is there a javascript method that brings a window to the fore?
 There should be, since Netscape does it itself when it needs to display an
alert box or error message . . .


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