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Re: Upload Charge

At 11:48 AM 3/8/96 -8, you wrote:
>Ray Daly said...
>> Another almost great alternative is Concentric Network (concentric.net).  
>> $7.98 per month, 5 MB of storage and they support the Netscape 2.0 file
>> feature.  Only drawbacks are no personal perl scripts and sometime slow
>> response.
>Webcom.com is the best...

I must differ:

Online Link offers the following very good Deals on Virtual Hosting:

Your own Virtual Server (http://www.yourcompany.com), with full root access,
accessible via Telnet.
Here you have all the works, CGI-Bin, etc, nothing to worry about access
Then, you have E-Mail Aliasing, which automatically forwards mail to your
current account. But, there is also a POP Server included! Yes, you can have
as many e-mail POP Accounts as you want, these are checkable via Eudora and
such. EG: fred@yourcompany.com - This is in addition to forwarding, which
forwards the mail to your current account.
Then, you also have a full FTP Server, with incoming directory & Private
Directory abilities.
Furthermore, you can set-up majordomo on your server - yes, your own Mailing

All this, they're offering for 75 Dollars a Month - Wonderful deal. E-Mail
them at sales@onlink.com

Alex Kremer
"Well, tough noogies. User Interface isn't always my strong point."

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