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Re: whooh Nellie! was(Re: Problems, who can help??)

On Mar 5,  4:45pm, Lance D. Braud wrote:

> Holy shit!  Excuse my language.  It did grab my email address.  Not only
> that, but it sent an email message "AS ME"!!  I didn't know about that, and
> that isn't too cool.  I don't mind being able to sniff out the email address,
> but being able to impersonate me is different.  My respect to the guy/gal
> that figured out how to do that.
> I definatly stealing this script, but I'm not going to be sending email as
> someone else - that SHOULD be removed.

That's not JavaScript, that's mail spoofing.  Hope nobody's gonna spill the
beans on that one here . . . too many punks know how to do it already.

But it has *nothing* to do with JavaScript.


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