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whooh Nellie! was(Re: Problems, who can help??)

Don Moore wrote:
> >
> > ok ppl, i put my own little version of the email snarfer =)
> > www.futureone.com/~damaged, for those who wanted some decent code on
> > snarfing email addresses.  This version also picks the client for its
> > version information and what document they were referred by and such.
> > please review the source carefully i'll try to answer any questison you
> > have.

Lance D. Braud wrote:
> I checked it out and it did everything but grab my email address.  I'm 
> using 2.0 final beta on Win95.

> Now that I have said that, I have stolen your code, gonna use it, and let me know when you get the email working.  Thank you.

Holy shit!  Excuse my language.  It did grab my email address.  Not only 
that, but it sent an email message "AS ME"!!  I didn't know about that, and 
that isn't too cool.  I don't mind being able to sniff out the email address, 
but being able to impersonate me is different.  My respect to the guy/gal 
that figured out how to do that.

I definatly stealing this script, but I'm not going to be sending email as 
someone else - that SHOULD be removed.

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