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Re: Problems, who can help??

Don Moore wrote:
> ok ppl, i put my own little version of the email snarfer =)
> www.futureone.com/~damaged, for those who wanted some decent code on
> snarfing email addresses.  This version also picks the client for its
> version information and what document they were referred by and such.
> please review the source carefully i'll try to answer any questison you
> have.

I checked it out and it did everything but grab my email address.  I'm using 
2.0 final beta on Win95.

A couple of points I wanted to make.  The context of your page is to harass 
people with these scripts.  I personally don't care, I think everyone that's 
knows anything about the 'net has tried to hack/crack at one point or 
another.  But given all the hoopla over JS security right now, don't you 
think that's a bad way to present the material if you want them to leave 
those features in?  Your site is a perfect target for the paranoid security 
people that is trying to get rid of those features.

Now that I have said that, I have stolen your code, gonna use it, and let me 
know when you get the email working.  Thank you.

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