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Re: JS and DataBase

On Mar 5, 12:54am, Ellie wysiwyg wrote:

> About 'masking' JavaScript code :

> >Server/CGI/whatever doesn't allow load or loads dummy page if target
> >is not a frame (ie, URL is a CGI, not a static page).

> It is possible, but I am sure that it can be hacked with a little attention,
> and I'll bet my CC on it.

Cool, I'll fiddle with it . . .

> The Q. is - Why do you want to write 'secret' code in JavaScript ? go to
> Java, or the 'traditional' cgi scripts.

Well, it's not really all that important, most of my functionality is back in
CGIs and the JS is there to do simple UI tasks.  Still, at the moment, I prefer
JS to Java because: a) I can program JS, but I haven't learned Java yet; b) I
don't have a Java compiler; c) JS can interact with HTML objects on the page
around it, but Java applets (as far as I've been told) can't . . .

It was more of a "well, might need this someday" question. :)


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