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Re: Java? no thanks!

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996 10:42:24 +0100, you wrote:

>>There is "somebody" that are using JavaScript on a wrong way, by my side
>>I'm going to search how to protect me, this URL specifi that there are some
>>JavaScripts on the "AIR" that read all the events of your computer "in
>>background" and send the information to the "creator", anything you do is
>>recorded ad can be read by anyone it means "passwords" mouse movements,
>>almost averything.

You are about to spread mis-information here.  Many of these problems
have been rectified in the security update patch from Netscape...

>>I'm thinking to not use more Java compatible Browser, by security, neather
>>JavaScript, there was a good start and I think that is an excellent
>>language, but Netscape 2.0 is too "trasparent" and I'm not sure about use

Actually, were you to to keep abreast of the Javascript development,
you would know that the next release of Navigator will include a
"de-activation" switch for Javascript, just like the one already in
place for Java.
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