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Re: Problems, who can help??

ok ppl, i put my own little version of the email snarfer =)  
www.futureone.com/~damaged, for those who wanted some decent code on 
snarfing email addresses.  This version also picks the client for its 
version information and what document they were referred by and such.
please review the source carefully i'll try to answer any questison you 

      .                 .
        ______ ______ .
     .:_\_ .  \\_ .  \_::.    Email: mindrape@goodnet.com
  . .::./ ./  // ./__/.:::. .         staheli@goodnet.com
     :_<_____/<____  >_:.       
     .             \/  .        WWW: http://www.futureone.com/~damaged

     Damaged Cybernetics

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