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Re: Problems, who can help??

For one thing you've got some really weird ASCII characters in there.  When
I copied the file to disk and opened it I found you has several non-valid
ASCII values -- probably extra CR/LFs or something.  I don't know if this is
the problem in your case -- I stopped looking at the script when I saw this.
You may want to verify the integrity of the file and repload it.

-- Gordon

At 06:08 PM 3/4/96 -0100, you wrote:
>Hello out there!!!
>I have a problem with one of my scripts.
>Netscape always crashes when I try to visit the page a second time.
>Because the code is to long to post it here, i set up a page for you to 
>have a look at it:
>BTW: I use Netscape 2.0 with WfW3.11

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