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Re: submit() method crashing..

I've  never seen the submit method, by itself, cause a crash.  Have you
ruled out the typical causes for crashing?

o   You have images, but they lack HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes
o   You're attempting to write to a document after its output stream has
been closed
o   You are using eval, and are running under Windows 3.1

-- Gordon

At 12:31 PM 3/4/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I am having a particularly annoying problem. If anyone knows a fix please
>send it to me. Here's the deal. I have two frames, each contains a cgi
>script generated page. The top frame is a ledge. I have javascript using
>events in the top frame to set hidden field in the bottom frame and
>resubmit the bottom page using the submit() method thus regenerating it. (I
>know this sounds confusing).
>Now the problem. Using the first frame to submit the form in the second
>frame works the first time and sometimes even the second but it
>inevitably(sp?) crashes the browser at some point.
>I am also using CGI.pm to generate the pages but I can't see any reason why
>this would make a difference since it is all server side.

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