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Re: JS and DataBase

Pawel Boryniec wrote:
> >On this point: it seems to me that JavaScripts can be hidden within a frame,
> >since "View Source" only works for the top-level window.  Has anyone else found
> >a way to view JS/HTML source within a frame?
> The top level window always points at the frame source file eg:
> <frameset cols=130,*>
>         <FRAME SRC="spiderdude/sidebar.html" Name="Sidebar" SCROLLING=AUTO
>         <frameset rows=*,60>
>                 <FRAME SRC="spiderdude/main.html" NAME="MainWindow"
>                 <FRAME SRC="spiderdude/toolbar.html" NAME="Toolbar"
>         </frameset>
> </frameset>
> Now, if you open any of the listed files as a separate location you'll be
> able to view a source that would normaly appear within the frame and
> wouldn't be viewable.
> Pawel
> You could also probably use Navigator Gold, Frontpage, or some other 
utility that allows a site to be captured and downloaded in its 
entirety to capture the individual files and examine them.

Regardless of whether or not any of these tools will do this, its 
not to hard to write an HTML reader that would read the site and 
save all the info. DO not rely on hiding the source for any sort of 
real security.
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