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Re: JS and DataBase

>On this point: it seems to me that JavaScripts can be hidden within a frame,
>since "View Source" only works for the top-level window.  Has anyone else found
>a way to view JS/HTML source within a frame?

The top level window always points at the frame source file eg:

<frameset cols=130,*>
        <FRAME SRC="spiderdude/sidebar.html" Name="Sidebar" SCROLLING=AUTO
        <frameset rows=*,60>
                <FRAME SRC="spiderdude/main.html" NAME="MainWindow"
                <FRAME SRC="spiderdude/toolbar.html" NAME="Toolbar"

Now, if you open any of the listed files as a separate location you'll be
able to view a source that would normaly appear within the frame and
wouldn't be viewable.


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